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del Lago Resort & Casino Helps Spur Growth of Canadian Tourists Visiting the Finger Lakes Region

Front Line Tours Inc. Recognizes del Lago Resort & Casino as its No. 1 New Tour for 2018

From the start, the mission behind del Lago Resort & Casino has been to act as a gateway to the Finger Lakes region. That mission is coming to fruition as the resort and casino has seen a significant uptick in Canadian travelers coming to del Lago for multiple-day stays. Front Line Tours Inc., from Hamilton, Ontario, has also recognized del Lago Resort & Casino as its No. 1 new tour in 2018.

“When we initially launched the del Lago Resort & Casino tour opportunity, we immediately had to add additional bookings in response to the positive feedback we received from our customers — the packages quickly sold out and have been going strong ever since,” said Paul Jordan, tour coordinator/co-owner of Front Line Tours Inc. “Del Lago Resort & Casino quickly became one of our top tours this year. Our Canadian guests not only enjoy all of the amenities del Lago has to offer, but the wonderful day trips to the many wineries, breweries and attractions of the Finger Lakes in addition to the outlet mall, which gives an added bonus for our Canadian shoppers.”

Because of the high demand, Front Line Tours has added a tour to del Lago Resort & Casino each month. The group’s first bus tour in October 2017 comprised two full buses and has since booked 22 additional overnight buses staying for four days and three nights. The uptick in Canadian travelers coming to del Lago is bringing new tourists to our region while helping benefit both Seneca County and local businesses.

Front Line is just one of the many Canadian tour groups partnering with del Lago to bring out-of-market visitors to the Finger Lakes region. Del Lago Resort & Casino is averaging three Canadian tours each month, with each group averaging three-night stays. Many of these tourists are exploring the countless attractions the Finger Lakes region offers.

“We have always said that del Lago is the gateway to the Finger Lakes region. By increasing tourism in the region — specifically Canadian visitors — del Lago has helped generate additional new visitors to local businesses, including New York wineries and breweries, and additional revenue for local governments through increased sales-tax collections,” said Aaron Gomes, del Lago Resort & Casino’s chief operating officer.

“We are thrilled to have been recognized as the most popular new tour of 2018 by Front Line and we look forward to continuing to grow our Canadian guest database and continuing to bring our friends to the north to the beautiful Finger Lakes region,” Gomes said.

Last year, the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce reported that 23 percent of the county’s visitors noted del Lago Resort & Casino as the reason for their visit to the county.

“The Finger Lakes region continues to rise as a popular destination for Canadian visitors,” said Rick Newman, destination marketing manager, Seneca County Chamber of Commerce. “The addition of del Lago Resort & Casino, along with the growth of the local food and beverage industry, has helped provide additional opportunities for Seneca County to grow its economy in regard to international tourism.”