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GUEST APPEARANCE: Albany should do all it can to ensure success of del Lago


Given the amazing benefits that the del Lago Resort & Casino have provided to Tyre, Seneca County and the entire Finger Lakes region in a little over a year, it has truly troubled me to read the stories in the last month about del Lago not producing the level of revenue that had been predicted several years ago (before it even opened).

Del Lago Resort & Casino is a first-class facility run by a first-class team, and we couldn’t be more appreciative that we have such an incredible neighbor and community steward in our backyard. The Town of Tyre and Seneca County are forever grateful to have been selected for the opportunity of a lifetime.

From the start, del Lago has created hundreds of jobs onsite, as well as spurring new businesses and working to increase economic development, tourism and opportunity for the people of the Finger Lakes region. Del Lago’s steadfast commitment to the entire region has far exceeded all expectations.

Since it opened, we have seen significant contributions to the Town of Tyre, Seneca County and surrounding counties in the region. Del Lago has greatly lowered property taxes, contributed to state education funding and provided much-needed job growth throughout our region. Gaming tax revenue received from the casino has also allowed the Town of Tyre to begin to repair its aging infrastructure and replace our dated highway equipment. We are also in talks to expand our small existing water district in the future, hopefully bringing municipal water to parts of Tyre that have water quality and quantity issues. That’s all because of del Lago.

Tyre has also received $100,000 this year from del Lago to protect farmland. This is the first payment of a six-year commitment by del Lago earmarked for future preservation or expansion of farmlands in the Town of Tyre.

Del Lago is one of the most community-minded organizations in our area, always stepping up to the plate when needed. They have spent the past year giving back to the community by donating tens of thousands of dollars to countless not-for-profit organizations supporting the people of Seneca County and all of the Finger Lakes region.

In Tyre, Seneca County and the Finger Lakes region, the sentiment is clear. We know firsthand the positive impact del Lago Resort & Casino has had on our area, we see it daily when we look at the major changes that have been happening along NYS Routes 318 and 414. As our county’s largest employer, we know that the 1,200 jobs created by del Lago Resort & Casino are truly stimulating our economy and have spurred other much-needed development along these routes.

Where the sentiment is not clear is in Albany. The messages of del Lago’s undeniable economic impacts, community contributions and employment numbers must make its way to Albany. State leaders should know how quickly del Lago has become one of the most important assets and vital economic players in our area. Albany should do all it can to ensure the success of del Lago and the entire Finger Lakes region.

Ron McGreevy is the supervisor in the Seneca County town of Tyre.