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Del Lago Casino ramping up to fill 1,800 jobs

Tyre. N.Y. – Construction on the new Del Lago Resort and Casino in Seneca County is on-time and on budget.

The project is nearly 70 percent complete, and casino management is ramping up to fill 1,800 jobs.

“We’re looking to train 480 people interested in becoming dealers,” said Del Lago Executive Vice President Jeff Babinski.

An open house is being held in Clyde on Wednesday for those interested in training classes in table games and poker.

Tuesday, workers were busy cutting metal beams to install and loading materials, getting the $440 million casino and hotel ready for game day.

“We’ll have 85 table games, 10 of which will be poker,” said Babinski. “The rest of the casino will have slot machines.”

The resort also includes a farmers market, a 2,500-seat entertainment center, bar area and a section offering Finger Lakes wines and craft beers.

The frame is up on the hotel and spa. But that will be the last piece of the project, opening about six months after the casino.

“We’re going to bring over three million visitors to the Finger Lakes region,” said Babinski.

Babinski said they are in the process of working with businesses to build an infrastructure for a rewards points system. This allows players to use those points at areas businesses boosting the local economy.

Some neighbors are looking forward to it, like Gary Schlegel of Magee Country Diner.

“It’s going to help the county,” he said. “It’s going to bring more revenue, hopefully, and taxes lowered, you know, land values are going to go up.”

“We’ll probably go, my husband and I,” said Apryle Dutcher, who lives in Phelps. “We don’t gamble a lot, but we do go on occasion.”

The casino opens its doors to the public in February.

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